Long Time No See: The Truth

It’s been a little while, however I’m still hanging on. I better say something about Iowa before I write any further: Romney spent the most, Iowans love spending, Iowans love their influence. You can draw the links. I suppose I’ll never be able to run for office now. Ha!

I’ve been talking to McCain’s camp. They are some wonderful people. Sometimes I hit the blogosphere to clear up rumors. I’ve been strongly disappointed with the RightRoots lately. One of the guys I look up to greatly, Patrick Ruffini, pointed out that the McCain camp was going through staff readjustments to reallocate needed resources.

What Patrick missed is that Ferry, McCain’s site visionary, came back! Most staffers have signed on as volunteers. Isn’t this actually a good thing? These people believe in this man. Are the RightRoots so out-of-touch with the McCain camp that they fail to realize the huge staff successes that have been made? I think not. I believe it is a chosen effort to keep the most prepared candidate out.

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Press Conference: Senator John McCain

Here one day and gone the next. The immigration issue was at the forefront in the Senate yesterday morning until Senator Reid (D-NV) pulled it, to be debated again in late June.

Senator John McCain had time to speak some others and I before address the Oklahoma State Legislature.

I had the pleasure of partaking in a conference call for major press networks and blogger media persons with Senator John McCain yesterday. Our topic was Government Efficiency, however I quickly learned that McCain’s, what was suppose to be short and sweet, comments on the immigration bill facing the Senate yesterday would carry the entire questioning period.

I’ve stood silent on the Immigration issue this time. In fact, it’s the first time. About a year ago when the nation’s largest cities were holding mass organized protest, I counter protested and made state-wide headlines in Dallas, Texas. My shirt read: “A day without Intruders… sounds great!” I proudly waved the largest American flag in the middle of a crowd that despised me. I endured the persecution of my so-called peers for my views and this nation.

Needless to say, this is a topic that is on the forefront of our minds and McCain stated that this issue in particular is the most passionate issue of the Republican party. He later revised his comments saying that “abortion may” have a greater passion.

You could hear the restlessness in the Senator’s voice. He is having to defend a stance in which there are “increasing pressures” from different sides. McCain was actually surprised by the skepticism of the far right.

He was sure to touch on the topic of amnesty when saying, “this is not amnesty…not…according to the definition.” He also quickly iterated that “[we] are punishing families… a $5,000 fine, 8 years [waiting period], and they must return to their country of origin.”

While McCain was calm, he sure seemed passively annoyed by the questions that have already been answered. The highlight of the conference was when a reporter asked McCain to comment on Former Massachusetts Governor and fellow Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s stance; “In the case of Governor Romney, you know, maybe I should wait a couple of weeks and see if it changes, because it’s changed in less than a year from his position before…maybe his solution will be to get out his small-varmint gun and drive those Guatemalans off his lawn.’’

McCain is known for his sometimes corny sense of humor, however I had to join him on this one. This comment comes in reference to a piece in The Boston Globe which pointed out that Romney had contracted a company to do his lawn that employed illegals.

This mid day jab was quickly responded to by Kevin Madden, a spokesman for Romney, “Governor Romney has been very clear that he opposes this immigration agreement, which clearly falls short of the American public’s expectations,’’ he went further to state, “It seems that a certain candidate who brokered this flawed plan is having a very difficult time coming to terms with the political fallout that has ensued and has abandoned any and all substantive arguments for it.’’

Earlier in the conference McCain also gave more insight into the reports that say he used the “F” word targeting fellow Republican and Immigration negotiator Senator John Cornyn (R-TX). He said the reports were “a bit exaggerated,” but also stated that “we are very frank with each other [at times].” Senator Cornyn’s office will not confirm that the “F” word was used by Senator McCain.

McCain, having one of the strongest supports on the internet and his ecampaign, jokingly stated that he would “love to have YouTube” in the closed door sessions; he thinks that it would give “insight” and shed some light to the American public. He went further to state, “it will surprise” and educate the people on how things are done and said.

I should point out that the Senator acknowledges that there is some unsubstantiated disdain from the far left regarding this bill. He believes that it is because of “personal dislike for this President” and followed up by calling it, “irrational dislike.”

McCain pointed out that he is very close to the Hispanic leadership in his home state of Arizona, where reportedly 50% of the illegal crossings happen. He thinks that this is an issue that will help his party politically. He described the Hispanic people a, “small business, small government, and pro life.” He was passionate when he articulated, “we have to get” this issue out of the way. He believes there will be “pressures” in support of this bill in the near future from Labor Unions and the political Hispanic community.

While immigration was on the forefront of everyone’s tongue, I carefully noted the following:

  • McCain wished, yes I said: wished, that Fred Thompson was involved in this debate; stating that Thompson too had changed his view (away from support).
  • McCain reiterated that we need to stay in Iraq, saying it will take “patience and time….. unfortunately, time’s not on our side.”
  • McCain’s entire purpose of the meeting might go missed by the mainstream media, but not by this blogger. McCain told us that we need to “clean up the corruption,” which he plans to lead. He also stated what was the most overlooked line, “[I would] reform defense acquisition.” Reference to Halliburton and Iraq contracts? Maybe the ‘maverick isn’t dead.’

This is an article written by Ali A. Akbar. Akbar is currently being syndicated and writes for: Blogs4McCain, Razor Politics, McCain Texas, Ali A. Akbar & Friends, and his personal temporary blog: Ali Talks. His editor can be contacted by clicking here.


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I Do Not Work for McCain (MySpace)

 Ali A. Akbar Supports McCain, but doesn't Work For Him

I  D o  N o t  W o r k  F o r  M c C a i n

People’s narrow-mindedness has been brought to my doorstep. I should’ve half expect as much.

I wish that I could say that I’m answering a Frequently Asked Question, however it’s more of a Frequently Assumed Conclusion that I find my fighting today. So let’s see if it’ll go down in the first round, before anyone else looks really silly.

I do not work for McCain.

Yes, sad but true. I don’t get paid to talk about him. In fact, if you’ve been reading my blogs on Blogs4McCain.com (and McCainTexas.WordPress.com and even HERE!) you would see that I am very critical of the Senator’s policies, however still unrequitedly supporting him and his Presidential bid.

I have never met McCain.

Did you notice that I don’t have an actual picture with the Senator? You would think that this would’ve been a clear indication as to my relationship with the man. Maybe I should hire Jeff Forxworthy as my Senior Marketing Director. “Here’s your sign!”

I get messages all day. People assuming that I cannot comprehend this or that. They believe that they alone have the one little fact that will sway me to Camp Rudy or Romney. Why? Have you ever considered that I might be half as intelligent as you and already been over those facts. I have.

My political positions are from years of experience, research, and many hours of being a plain ol’ American. I am affected by this stuff just like you.

One guy came at me with something yesterday; I’m sorry, I don’t remember what it was. After messaging him back and forth, he actually stopped judging me and had this to say:


I’m also, McCain’s top friend and i have to be very careful. i must be a good steward of that friendship. . . . .
– Ali A. Akbar

I like you Ali, that was a great answer that struck me as honest and well said. I must admit I took you for granted when you first came on the scene, but you’re starting to show your true colors and I like what I see.

 I will be watching. Keep doing what your doing and I’m sure ill see you in politics for years 2 com. I only hope I have someone just as dedicated to my campaign when I retire from military service to pursue my military career.

SrA Daniel M. Graise
~ Felix~

There’s a man! Thank you Felix.

McCain and I don’t stay toe to toe. Who does these days? However McCain is the man for the job! Period! You can make up your own mind – I’m not going to baby feed you or sell you package. We all have different criterion in which we make choose our leaders.

Did you know that there are actual bloggers who have devoted time to debating my articles. I’m honored.

Oh, and the hate mail is truly the envy of all the other bloggers – keep it coming.

There, now you know: Ali A. Akbar is not a Think Tank for Camp McCain.


M Y  S U P P O R T

You’ll be surprised, or maybe you won’t, by the number of messages I get telling me what to write, whom to support, what to draw attention to, and where to stand. I don’t mind; however know that my convictions are my own. I’m open for discussion, after all go look at how frequent I am about commenting comments on my blog posts. Yeah, do you see the time variance? I’m pretty good.

If you want my support, just ask. I’m more than happy to draw attention to worthwhile endeavors and people.

I’ve been asked to endorse three different candidates so far.

I’m very cautious about who I accept and choose as a friend. I try to be a good steward of this blessing of influence God gave me.

I think some of you will be shocked at some of the blogs this summer. I am for gay rights; yes all of them! I am strongly against the Religious Right. I believe Roe v. Wade was one of the most idiotic decisions by the United States Supreme Court and not because I am an opponent of abortion.

It’s going to be hard to stand with me on every issue, but then again I’m not asking you to. Let’s talk. That’s all I want. Let’s just talk friends.


O N  W H I C H  I  S T A N D

I want to thank Leah Kessler, Robert “Robby” Johnston and Anh Pham. These are my friends – my greatest friends. They have been there through it all. Without friend we are surely doomed as a person. Leah and Anh can be found on my Top Friend’s List.

I would like to tip my hat off to Annie, Jesi, and Amber. You’re faithfulness to your men in the uniform is unwavering and so shall my friendship.

Patrick, of Blogs4McCain; thank you for an outlet in which I can honestly support and be critical of our man: Senator John McCain. Sorry to kick you off the top friends spot of the Senator. Hahaha. The dedication this man shows to our great republic is truly jaw-dropping.

To Kristen and Jon. Wow, I am simply amazed that you flew down like angels to rescue me. These guys are my editors. Yes, I have editors. I was blogging ever second of the day and it came to a point to where I had to ask for help. What did I do? I put a bulletin out there and many answered the call.  These are the two whom I chose and stick by me.

To Josh, thanks for keeping me level headed bro. Mom I love you. Rashad I miss you.


J U S T  A  B L O G G E R

I think we have a bright future ahead of us. Will you join in with me in making this profile the most political and socially active profile on MySpace?

All twenty-something of you who have my banners and such on your profile, I really appreciate it. You keep me going.

I hope you guys and gals are so supportive when I launch a few other projects this summer.

Your Friend and Senator McCain’s Top Friend,

Ali A. Akbar

This article will not be edited this time. Please, do not copy or repost without written consent. I can be reached at aliunt (at) yahoo.com. May 8, 2007 6:27pm (CST).

Debate This! (Blogs4McCain)

your are reading the preview version. this has not been editted yet.

The MSNBC GOP Debate, May 3, 2007Was anyone else watching the same debate as me? It was the one on the lowest rated network. Grand Ol’ Party Presidential Nominee Hopefuls (wow, that’s a mouthful) gathered to be grilled questions by Hardball’s Chris Matthews and some erie guy from Politico.com.

I don’t recommend Politico.com. At all!

I was a National Forensics Leauge Debater in high school. I made nationals. I was pretty good. I was thinking about going in for a few rounds with some of these jokes.

The debate left me a little sick. I must admit.

There were two canidates who showed a fire in their belly: Representative Ron Paul and our very own Senator John McCain. McCain looked us right in the eye and told us what it will take to win the War on Terror in restrospect to Iraq.

Former Governor Mitt Romney and John McCain also seemed to be the only two with any real chances.

I have a lot of people telling me to slow down on my conclusions, after all this is only the first debate. I would like to point out: NO DUH! This is the first debate. It’s the one that ought to be taken the most serious. Here are a group of old white men trying to beat the ‘New Democratic Party.’ McCain understood this and went to town.

I don’t know if you caught McCain’s ending to the question about Iran, however let me tell you what he said in short: He would not go to war with Iran as of now! Just when the producers of the show thought they would catch McCain in a slip-up or make him look like a War Monger – they cut him off! (Yes, I know there were time restraints)

He’s just the type of Chief Ambassdor that we need in the White House! He laid out a comprehensive approach to the Iran situation. I admire this. Most other candidates are speaking strongly on Iran, but leaving it alone when they can.

Iran is a problem and it needs to be solved! We cannot afford to grow tired – we have a War on Terror to fight. McCain will make this a better world for our children; for all Children.

If that were actually a debate, McCain would have shown Mitt and ol’ Rudy what kind of primary they have coming to them. McCain’s taking no prisoners this time around.

He’s a man of conviction and reason. While he personally subscribes to the theory of evolution (to what extent, who really knows), however he tells us that Intelligent Design (ie. Creationism) ought to be taught in schools as well. This is certainly a man who can balance a nation of moderates and radical pundits!

John hugs RudyI was basically watching the debate to see who would make a good running mate. Hahaha.

If we have anything to look out for, it’ll be Romney, although I’m thanking God that the primary will probably solve that little problem.

Ali A. Akbar

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Ali A. Akbar is not your typical Conservative. His beliefs align with the Populist, Communitarian, and Conservative ideologies. He blogs often and is Senator John McCain‘s top friend on MySpace (the third most popular website on the internet).

He is a rising voice in a time of many questions. His leadership provides a voice for the struggle for truth.

We celebrated our 100th blog posting by inviting Ali A. Akbar to blog for us here at Blogs4McCain.com. Join in and welcome him and those Texans to the round table.


McCain has my Vote, for Now…
Ali A. Akbar, May 1, 2007

Ali A. Akbar Supports McCain

We are a country of tolerant moderates, yet we’re always electing radical pundits.

I know I always have this knot at the bottom of my stomach instructing me to vote somewhat politically right of where I personal stand. There’s a need to sort-of counter balance the ideology that falls opposite of mine. The polarization of the two major political ideologies is no need to cause great concern, but should make one take an earnest evaluation of one’s belief and our leaders.

It’s that time of year again – Republicans and Democrats cater to their base! Ever since the year 2000, I’ve made some serious ideological progression. Call me a flip-flopper and I won’t be as kind as Senator Kerry (D-LOSER).

Now you’re probably expecting some enlightening thesis, in my attempt to convince, persuade, and possibly manipulate you into voting for Senator John McCain.

You’re not going to get that. You’ll only hear the truth from me.

Frankly, I don’t agree with McCain on everything. His maverick policy often causes the party in the Senate to lose, we entirely disagree with the McCain-Fiengold Act (boy do we ever), and he’s not all that right of me to be honest. However, that’s why I plan to vote for him to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America.

He’s a moderate. A Right-wing moderate. It’s true. While he’s busy catering to the base and trying to prove his ‘Conservative nature,’ there’s no diminishing his voting record. If you really want a Conservative above all, vote Kansas Senator Brownback (R-KS), Former Governor Jim Gilmore (R-VA), or Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA). However if you want an electable leader in which this country can unite under: vote Senator John McCain.

That’s why I’m voting for him. He’s a leader. Plain and simple.

Political analyst like Dick Morris and James Carville were saying years ago that the election in 2008 will be focused on Leadership. I didn’t believe them at the time. I personally thought they the were predicting far too soon, however boy was I wrong.

I’m not giving my stance on President G.W. Bush or his ability to lead, but a couple things are clear: We Need Leadership and We Need it Now. This President’s opposition in the country has left him as an early lame duck. Don’t get me wrong, he can still whip out the ol’ pen and push the Democratic Leadership on the Hill tumbling down, but what’s the last policy issue he pushed that passed?

McCain has years upon years upon years of experience and a representative of the people. He fought for our country in Vietnam and spent years as a Prisoner of War. Who has a better resume?

Each election cycle you have two types of candidates. Those who want to bring a change to Washington and those who are in Washington. We have elected leaders wanting to bring a change to Washington for over 70 years! Yes, 70 years, go do the research. I find McCain an interesting pick. See his a part of that “Washington Establishment,” however he’s been fighting the spending and sometimes even (okay, a lot of times) his own party for years! In fact, his entire tenure.

Now I realize that McCain’s campaign is attempting to stroke the Conservatives. This is a part of the race folks! This is the base. I don’t want an ineffective ideologue in the White House – I want a pragmatic leader!

He cares about the average American. He doesn’t accept the status quo. He makes his mind up per issue, not based on what the party whip is telling him. The media loves him one minute and pokes at his corny sense of humor the next! This is a Man; an American Man.

When it comes to Foreign Policy – many call him a “Hawk.” Sure, whatever, and what’s so bad about that. We still have ‘good ol’ Congress to keep the Executive Branch in check. I want a President who respects Congress, however does his best to live in the present time in regards to defending threats against our country.

McCain represents the breed of officials we ought to send to Washington to safeguard our liberties, spend our money, and defend our children!

Many of my friends and people who know me question my support for the Senator, but I ask you? Who… or is it Whom… nonetheless – there is NO other electable candidate that will provide leadership for our great nation.

We stand together on the main issues and that’s what is important.

Thanks, and that’s all (for now) folks!

Short, Sweet, Welcome…

Thanks for coming and supporting Senator McCain to be our President in 2008.

It means the world to me that you are here. Thank you and God Bless!

Ali A. Akbar